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Lockdown Learning

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Being in isolation generally isn't too bad for an artist, especially one who habitually goes off on tangents like I do. I think it also helps if you have grown up as an only child as you've probably learnt from an early age to keep yourself busy and not get bored. Over the past few months I manage to learn how to print my own photographs from negatives in the make shift darkroom (aka the office). I was kindly gifted a B&W enlarger by a friend and also around the same time a guy came into work and gave me a collection of old darkroom equipment including quite a large stock of expired paper. Expired paper can still be put to good use so I have also tried out some lumen prints & a few more cyanotypes. In the past week I also had the chance to try a bit of Infra Red photography using a filter attached to the front of my Canon DSLR. If this is of interest then have a look at this guy on you tube as it was after watching his videos that I got the idea... We haven't really seen another soul since the 17th March apart from essential 'drop offs', chatting through the fence to the neighbours and the odd trip to the pharmacy or farm shop. It actually feels strange going out now, even when you have a perfectly good reason...It's all very surreal. Having said that I am still able to cross the road to post greeting cards in the local post box and there is a special service been set up at the local stables where the postman has offered to collect pre paid parcels. So thankfully for now it's business as usual here. Thank you to all those people who have continued to support my little hobby and read all my waffle! Stay safe out there!!

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