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A Glass from the Past

There is a long and complicated story leading up to all this that started out with me buying a couple of magic lantern slides a few years back while we were on holiday in Norfolk, for £2 each in an antique shop. They all featured old art deco trains, and I thought they were fascinating, and so it came to pass that along with various other bits and bobs since that day I have ended up buying about 10kg of old mounted Kodachrome slides, some 1950s 120 format film negatives, several job lots of glass negatives from the 1800, another 150 magic lantern slides. Plus God knows what other old historic snapshots of times past that I have found hidden away in the dark damp recesses at the bottom of 'mixed lots' in auction rooms. My plan is to clean up (as they are all filthy) and scan / photograph as many of these interesting images as I can and put them up online where they can be enjoyed by others, rather than let them rot away in a damp loft or be destroyed... I'm still trying to work out the best place to do this, I will probably end up with another flicker account as my current ones are pretty full. Alternatively I may end up sticking them up on here somewhere on their own page. For now here are a few examples. I will update this post as and when I can. I am very fortunate in that a friend of mine has recently donated a good quality Epson film scanner to me and a copy stand for my DSLR, so I can make a reasonable job of photographing in the big half plate glass slides on a light box. It is a very slow and boring process though! Enjoy...

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