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Community Darkroom Project

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

I have a new project on the back burner if anyone can help... I am working in conjunction with a local charity who already have funding in place to build and run a 'community darkroom' in the west London or Bucks area... We are looking for an industrial unit, barn, outbuilding, old site office or even an old empty shop or similar to set up a photography studio with a few enlargers, trays, wet and dry areas and teaching space. Our aim is to educate & help people learn all about vintage cameras, analogue photography, pinhole, redscale, cyanotypes, orotones, action photography, lighting & darkroom printing techniques as between the lot of us we have a vast amount of expertise and are keen to pass that on to others. I know a lot of college and uni facilities are sitting empty & unused, but there is still interest and potential! We are looking for somewhere dry, with electricity and running water but other than that it can be in the middle of nowhere it will just need a bit of hard standing for a parking area. I am a professional photographer of 30+ years, registered with the Heritage Craft Charity & I specialise in using antique and vintage equipment from the 1800s to the present day. I have teamed up with several other professional photographers & darkroom technicians, so we have a very experienced team of enthusiasts who would like to keep the old school equipment and methods alive and pass on our knowledge to future generations. Please message me if you have any suggestions or ideas!

Many thanks, Emma

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