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Kop Hill Climb 2023

Last weekend we went along to the annual Kop Hill Climb event near Princes Risborough and had a lovely day out. The Kop Hill Climb is a hillclimb in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. The climb was originally established in 1910 but due to a minor accident involving a spectator on the public road that formed the hillclimb, the last competitive event was held on 28 March 1925. The RAC then banned all motorsport on public roads, making the Kop Hill Climb the last of its kind to be run on the public highways in the UK. Since 2009 Kop Hill has been the focus of an annual revival run as a non-competitive, charity event. The event was initially revived in 1999 by the Town Council and the Bean Car Club as part of the Risborough Festival, and has now become an annual event again. Today's revival was kicked off in 2009 and is run along non-competitive lines, it showcases cars and bikes dating back to the competitive era as well as more modern cars of interest and heritage.

The total raised for charity since the revival is now over 1 million pounds! I was lucky enough to get invited up the hill this year in a friend's car and it was a fantastic experience that I am very grateful for. We also got to catch up with loads of old friends and I got to take several hundred photos. Having initially thought I would take a film and digital camera I bottled out at the last minute and just too 2 digitals, these are some of my favourites...

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