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Etching and scratching...

A few weeks back a friend and I took part in a brilliant etching weekend lead by Liam Biswell at the Phoenix Studio in Towersey. We tried our hands at drypoint (manually scratching our images into a sheet of plastic) and photopolymer etching (Photopolymer is photosensitive material in sheet form that is exposed to UV lights through a printed film. The light shines through the clear sections of the film and hardens the polymer). Liam is a very talented artist and a great teacher so the 2 day course was really a good introduction to this form of printing and excellent fun all round. The Phoenix studio is a well equipped and inspiring venue set in beautiful Chiltern countryside and with Liam's excellent guidance I came away with 20 or so prints which I really thoroughly enjoyed producing. Would love to have been able to do 20 more but the days just went by too quickly! The trouble is now I have an etching press on my birthday wish list....

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