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Forthcoming Film Fun

Apologies once again for not posting on here for a while. We have been busy with various projects both personal and work related. In work news I have completed my whippet drawing and now started drawing another one (no prizes for guessing that the new one is also of a dog...). There are a whole bunch of new prints now for sale in the shop section some mounted, some framed and some just as they come from the printers or from my cyanotype exploits. On the subject of cyanotypes I have been experimenting with several different types of paper other than my usual favourite which is the smooth watercolour variety. I've found glossy photo paper works really well as does tracing paper. Some coloured and coated papers also give some nice results but are a bit flimsy when washed and bleached. I'm still taking digital photos out and about on our travels but not so many of late as we have had a new four legged addition to settle in to the fold. We lost our old lurcher girl back in April and had wanted to get another companion for Jack so we have got a new lurcher girl who is a couple of years younger than him to keep him on his toes. Having looked high and low and been unable to locate my old 35mm Canon SLR my cousin has very kindly given me hers which is pretty much identical to the one I've misplaced. I have bought a roll of Ilford HP5 to have a play with and a friend has kindly donated a vintage roll of Truprint colour film. Hopefully I'll be getting out and about to have a little go with these over the coming weeks. It's been about 18 years since I've used a film camera so it will be interesting!


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