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New Winter Card Designs & More!

Having nearly sold out now of the second run of greeting cards I've decided to reprint the top 10 sellers, plus there are now 11 new designs - most amazingly they're not all dogs! I have also produced another lurcher based calendar. I haven't done one for a year or so but I did enjoy putting the last one together and there are too many nice pictures of dogs past and present not to share. This time I am going to donate £1 from every calendar sold to the Lurcher Appreciation Society's Christmas Fundraiser. Both the calendar and the new cards are now available to purchase on the SHOP page and I will put them up on EBay too as soon as the calendars arrive. Cards are physically here in stock now and the new 2018 calendars are expected to arrive here around the 13th Dec. If you would like to collect a calendar in person please drop me a message as they will be a few pounds cheaper if I don't have to post them or use a card backed envelope!

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