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Where are we now?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Way back in 2017 my friend, a fellow photographer and the gallery owner who takes care of my fine art prints said to me 'You know you're wasting your time printing & selling cards, you'll never sell enough to make any money, trust me'. But I was young(er), stupid(er) and full of enthusiasm-er(?) so I turned a blind ear...

So, here we are 5 years later and the penny has finally dropped. Yes, I am still selling cards, yes I have got them in some lovely local shops now, and yes I have printed and sold over three and a half thousand of the buggers to date. But sadly, my friend was right... I've made very little from this particular enterprise, and my accountant thinks I'm bonkers. Having finally come to this realisation, I've been beavering away with some other projects. These include buying and selling old cameras, learning to print with the enlarger (another item kindly donated by a friend), experimenting with pinhole cameras and paper negatives, writing articles for online camera blogs, trying wet plate and more recently dry plate photography techniques on glass, buying and selling more cameras (mostly buying), fixing up things that are broken (sometimes, but other times throwing them in the bin) and occasionally selling the odd print. Sooo, looking forward (and I will probably laugh when I look back at this in 5 years time), I would like to try and share some of my hard-earned (but sadly limited) knowledge with others via photography workshops. I have recently discovered a really great photography studio in High Wycombe, so hopefully I might be able to offer some 35mm, 120, 4x5, paper neg lessons, help with photographing art to sell, lensless photography and whatever else might be fun in the comfort of the dry and bright local studio space. I have even been thinking about renting out some of my gear (subject to full background checks, obviously!). For now, though, I'm trying out a few new printing

techniques, including gilding the back of B&W images and I'm trying to push on with selling larger items rather than making pennies per sale for a card. Will let you all know how that goes...

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