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Signs Of The Times!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The coronavirus has brought tough new challenges for so many individuals and businesses all over the world. One of our rather more unusual local businesses that have had to put pretty much everything on hold is Carter's Steam Fair, based not far from here in White Waltham near Maidenhead. Understandably they have had to cancel all their upcoming fair tours and events around London and the South East for the time being, however partly as a response to this they have introduced some very affordable online courses with Joby Carter who is an amazing traditional sign writer and a most engaging tutor. Outside of the fair season Joby usually runs intensive sign writing courses 'in person' at Carter's HQ but in light of the fact the fair cannot tour at the moment he has adapted his teaching methods to suit the current lockdown situation. I've now taken part in 3 of the online courses which take place via Zoom and are very competitively priced at £45 for 5 x 1 hour lessons (One each day Mon-Fri). The courses are great fun and cover many different aspects of letting, drawing, brushwork, scrolls, coachpainting and lining and traditional fairground art. For myself personally they have brought a new appreciation for many aspects of design and layout. I don't have any proper materials as yet so I'm drawing and painting in pencil and watercolour at the moment. I have drawn quite a few letters now and I'm making a new 'DARKROOM' sign for a bit of fun. Even if you aren't planning to rush off and refurbish a traction engine the courses are great value and inspiring to watch for anyone interested in this kind of traditional art, lettering and layout design. The Carters website also has some great artwork, books and posters available to purchase so do check it out HERE. For more information on Joby's courses, which are running throughout the current virus lockdown do check out the website here:

Or find him on facebook under Carters Steam Fair.

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