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Flickring Flame

As fellow photographers probably already know, it's all too easy to end up with a hard drive full of stuff and no simple way of looking back on it all to review you greatest (or worst) 'experiments'. Over the past few years I have been gradually testing out different film cameras, film stock, paper, camera formats and lenses. As a result, I now have a folder on my PC with over 60 different sets of different experiments in . Some are good and some not so good, but that's experimenting for you! I already have one personal Flickr account (sadly full), so I have recently set up a new one just for the most interesting photography stuff (mainly analogue). This give me a chance to easily look back at some of the less disastrous things I've tried in an easy to find format. Also, it might help fellow photographers who want to see what a certain camera/lens/film combo might work like. You can view it here (I am slowing adding to it!)

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