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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Recently I have been experimenting with more Cyanotype printing (and gradually getting to grips with the process). It helps if I remember to make notes of how long and in what conditions each result was achieved as I tend to leave it weeks/months before getting another batch of paper ready and having a go. It also seems to make quite a difference how much solution is applied to the paper and using what method (brush, sponge etc). More prints to come as I've just ordered more smooth watercolour paper to ensure I can prepare and use the rest of the bottles of premixed cyanotype liquids before they expire. I've also made & painted a few more mini versions of our demented whippet (she spends most of her time asleep) so a small curled up version in modelling clay seemed appropriate. On the art front I have been working on a few commissions, trying to get a sketch or two in a day (and failing) and also been attending the local camera club. The greeting cards have been selling well on Ebay and in the shop so I've had another batch of 100 printed, some of which are reprints of the sold out designs, plus I have added some more 'general' non dog designs such as the Norfolk double rainbow I captured, Bluebells in the local woods and the River Thames at Clifton Hampden.

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