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Catching Up

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Apologies for the lack of updates... There are a few things to report but nothing terribly exciting! The fete in Hurley was good fun (even if it did rain all day!). My good friend Mell came along for moral support and to help me set up, she also covered for me while I went off to do some judging of the Art classes in the show. Mell is a very talented ceramic artist and also teaches ceramics. She brought along a small selection of her work to put on display too which was great as it made the stand look a bit more interesting than if it had just been my 2D offerings! I made a few sales as did Mell and we had a fun day so all in all a very worthwhile experience and one that I'd definitely do again. If you want to check out Mell's work in more detail her website is HERE

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