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Campanula Cyanotype (Original handmade print)

Campanula Cyanotype (Original handmade print)

Unique cyanotype print of campanula flowers by Emma Wheeler.

Hand printed cyanotype on watercolour paper, unframed and unmounted.

Approx A4 size.

P&P to UK addresses included.

A one of a kind botanical print, these blue and/or sepia toned prints are printed using an old photographic process discovered in 1842. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century to produce copies of drawings referred to as 'blueprints'. Every print is made by hand, one at a time so no two prints are the same. A liquid sensitising solution is applied via sponge or brush to artist's quality watercolour paper and then an object and/or negative is exposed using a contact printing frame from 5 mins to 2 hours depending on the strength of the sun's rays. The print is then rinsed in water (or if a darker blue is required, also a diluted hydrogen peroxide bath) and set aside to dry. Cyanotypes are usually prussian blue in colour but can be toned with coffee, tea, wine tannin etc. to achieve alternative hues.

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